Tourism in Bali : book a villa surrounded by nature !

Tourism in Bali : book a villa surrounded by nature !

Bali, an island in Indonesia, is the world's top tourist destination with approximately 5.7 million tourists every year. Bali is famous for its cultural diversity, sculptures, paintings and arts, music, traditional and modern dance. Its fascinating architecture highlights the cultural values of this beautiful country.

Besides, Bali's tourist resorts and villas are located in a spectacular scenery, which makes them excellent places to be close to Nature. This guide from will help travelers who want to enjoy comfort while experiencing everything in nature in a villa in this picturesque island. What are some of the Nature villas in this wonderful country? What will make your stay in the villa unforgettable?

Which villa is the best to enjoy nature in Bali?

Bali is a paradisiac island in Indonesia. Nature lovers will enjoy relaxing and appreciating the beauty of the scenic landscape and spectacular sights from the villa, your own for the length of your stay. Book your villa and enjoy your trip to Bali. Here are five places to choose from when you book your villa.

  •  Firefly Eco Lodge: Nature lovers stay at treehouses with thatched roofs, among deep green rice fields and fresh air. It is the right place to enjoy the panoramic view of the most beautiful emerald-green landscape and the view of the golden paddies in harvest periods.
  •  Canggu Villas: They are located in the Southern coast of Bali, surrounded by the evergreen rice fields. Travelers can enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and fish over there. It is renowned for its arts, handcrafts, and jewelry. Canggu's beaches are excellent for surfing.
  •  Ubud Villas, Central Bali. The main tourist venue in Ubud features the Monkey Forest, where you can watch monkeys. Ubud is a popular tourist destination for its museums, emerald-green scenic valleys, hot springs and arts.
  • Bagus Jati Health and Well-Being Retreat : the villas are located in the north of Ubud, near the forested hills. The view of the nature is breathtaking. You can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables and experience full relaxation following the programs from the health spas.
  •  Munduk Moding Plantation: Villas are located at the heart of the forested hills in the northern part of Bali. This picturesque area encompasses a vast rice fields and plantations of coffee, cloves and fruit trees. The villas are made of wood, with glass doors.

What to do to make the most of your stay at a Nature villa?

Bali has still more to offer to Nature lovers. Whether the purpose of your visit in Bali is for business or tourism, you can make the most of your trip by booking a Nature villa and arranging your flight with eDreams. If you are ready to go to Bali and enjoy Nature while exploring the highlights of this paradisiac island, here are some tips for an unforgettable trip:

  •  Book a villa a few months before your trip.
  •  Ask your tour operator about the activities that your villa offers to meet your needs.
  •  Be sure to take part to the horse riding along the forested hills to enjoy Nature.
  •  Enroll in yoga and meditation courses, and spa sessions.

The eDreams operators will lead you through and guide you in the whole process for the preparation of your dream trip to Bali.