Meditate and practice yoga in Bali

Meditate and practice yoga in Bali

Meditate and practice yoga in Bali

If you have never been to a serene place to meditate and practice yoga in the beautiful nature, travel to Bali, in Indonesia. It is one of the common tourist destinations of the world. eDreams, an online travel agency, gives more information about travel to Bali if needed.

Bali is a good destination to promote healthy living and well-being. Apart from the jungles and other calm natural area for living smoothly, Bali has different places for traditional spas and holistic movement, especially for yoga practice. So take advantage of your visit in Bali to recover your mind, spirit and body.

The best places for meditation and yoga in Bali

  •  Fivelements

A very good area, peaceful and calm, Fivelements attracts many guests and visitors in Bali. This Bali Retreat allows you to relax and give peace to your mind and spirit thanks to the beautiful natural view decorated by a smooth sound of the river and impressive architecture. The place is surrounded by a paddy field and a green jungle. It is a good destination for healing consultation, meditation and yoga which are led by international yoga masters. 

  • The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn is a big yoga and meditation center of Ubud, in Bali. The place is surrounded by green rice field and wonderful Natural Mountain. All about this nature area is suitable for relaxation and break to get rid of stress and tiredness. Many people come to Yoga Barn to practice yoga in an intimate group. They offer classes for everyone who wants to meditate and practice yoga in different levels. 

  • Power of Now Oasis

If you want to practice your yoga and meditate along the sea, Power of Now Oasis is the best for you. It is the only ocean front place which gives yoga classes and health mediation in Bali. It is a very quiet place which allows you to rest and have deep meditation he with the calm sounds of the sea waves from the blue ocean. The studio is mostly built with bamboo and decorated by a green garden and tropical plants. 

  • Como Shambhala Estate

This is one of the best retreat centers of Bali, situated in a calm valley in the North Ubud. It is serene area with natural views and nice house. The place offers a variety of wellness programs which include healing consultation, disciplines of yoga and healthy meditation with many expert trainers. You can have classes and session of holistic treatments during your stay in Comp Shambhala Estate. 

  • Shankari's Yoga Retreat

Surrounded by rainforests and placed along the river of Sacred Balian, Shankari's Yoga Retreat is a great place to have break and relax. It is considered as one of the best wellness retreats and yoga centers of Bali. The place also has a good black sand beach and water front which complete the beauty of the center.

Traveling to Bali

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